What is Vampyr?

Today we’re gonna be covering vampyr. So what is vampyr?

Vampyr is a third-person action RPG where you play the character of dr. Jonathan Reed. The game takes place in London 1918 during the peak of a citywide flu. As a doctor, it is your job to find a cure for the citizens of the city. But as a vampire, you must feed on those – who swore an oath to protect. You must fight to survive against vampire hunters, the undead and other mobs in the game.

You’ll have unholy powers that allow you to manipulate and delve into those around you. This game reminds me of the award-winning game dishonored. And I hope that they can live up to that standard. The city and characters react to the decisions you make whether it be Savior or stalker the story.

What we know so far seems very rich with lots of minut details. Dr. Reed struggles to survive while struggling with an internal conflict of feeding or saving. The game touches on themes of life and death which just on the scenes I’ve seen so far makes the story seem very deep. Covering the deep meaning to life the world and how we live in it.

Now let’s talk about the gameplay.

Dr. Reed is a shadowy creature much like the assassins and Dishonored. You’ll be able to – teleport short distances to sneak up on enemies control their minds and even brutally kill them. There are many ways to kill in the game including blades, guns and even your vampire powers. One of the abilities you get in the game allows you to transform your hand into a massive claw and rip enemies to shreds.

Another makes a shadowy circle around your target then stretches them out by their limbs. Before finally plunging a shadowy spike through their chest. The game is brutal which is exactly what I would expect from a vampire game. There is a loot and inventory system which is hard to tell how detailed it is at this point. But it looks like we get a basic map with a list of people in the area as well as the district conditions with the flu.

A target screen and some sort of journal that I’d imagine your collectibles are kept in on top of that we get an armor screen. That appears to let us change our clothes as well as our weapons and inventory and lastly a character screen. I’m actually look really looking forward to delving into this game.

And as of right now there is no confirmed release date but they are planning on launching the game sometime in spring of 2018. Anyway guys that is my coverage of vampire. Let me know what you think of the game so far and I would love to bring more content on this game .  Hope you enjoyed and I will see you in the next one you guys.

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7 reasons why you should be excited about Vampyr.

Vampyr believe it or not is a game in which you play as a Vampyr in early 20th century London during the Spanish flu epidemic. And it’s a game that not many people even know about it was announced last year. Since then it’s had a few announcements here and there. But really hasn’t caught the grip or the attention of the media. And so not many people know about it or know much about it. So that’s why today I’m going to tell you about: “7 reasons why you should be excited about Vampyr.”

Number #1: It is being developed by don’t nod entertainment.

Which is based in France. Now this is the same company that developed life is strange which won the BAFTA award for best story in 2016 and is known for being one of the first games to really publicize the butterfly effect in other words every decision.

However small that you make affects your future decisions the future elements and events in the world. and so based on even a small conversational difference. You could see a vastly different ending compared to your friend who chose to say something more encouraging rather than passive aggressive in that one conversation.

So there’s a lot of hype behind this because this company tends to take the time to create branching narratives. And Vampyr is no different.

Number #2:  Pacifist playthroughs are possible in this semi open-world RPG.

Specifically that if you go and manage to go through the entire game without killing a single person mind you, you are a Vampyr. So that’s not going to be an easy activity. Because killing and actually absorbing the life force so to speak of other people of NPCsis how you level up.

It’s killing people is how you gain power as Vampyr. So in the game it’s how you gain EXP .and if you don’t kill anybody then you don’t gain any EXP. So you will never level up which is why it’s considered to be an incredibly difficult thing to do.

But the developer said we want to reward you if you are willing to roleplay. So strictly as a Vampyr doctor and stick just to the doctor element. And not kill anybody you will actually get a unique ending of one of four endings. That is completely unique and different if you manage to go through the game without killing anybody.

Number #3: There are four very distinct endings.

Now this isn’t talking about sort of the untilled on different endings where they say. Oh well there’s 256 different endings technically. But the only real difference is that in the ending cutscene. they say we have five survivors six survivors  hatever it’s not like that. These are four very distinct endings where the world has completely different outcomes. And it’s completely based on your decisions in the game.

Number #4: The game is set in London in 1918 during the Spanish flu outbreak.

Now this apparently was not their first choice. IT wasn’t their instinct they initially looked at putting the game in 1950. But realise that the sort of Victorian era during the Spanish flu really worked well with the whole Vampyr theme. With people being sick you could have quality of their blood change.

So certain people’s blood is worth more to you even though. They might be younger or they might have some prowess in society or they might be a doctor taking care of somebody else or a father taking care of their son. Whatever it is you have a lot more availability to create those gray moral choices with a setting such as the Spanish flu. Which is why I think it’s such an interesting and intriguing place to set a Vampyr game.

Number #5:  Vampyr’s map is made up of 4 distinct districts.

Each of which can devolve into utter chaos. If the average health decrease just past a certain threshold. Now this is not just due to the Spanish flu. Bbut you as a doctor have the ability to either help improve public morale public health. As a doctor or decrease it and ruin it as a Vampyr. And this is something that’s going to come back time and again. As you play through the game, this choice to either help people you’re sort of good guy like doctor side or to ruin it or serve your own self-interest game or power.

Whatever it is which is the Vampyr the dark side and so this duality is going to come back time and again. And it’s even reflected in the structuring of the map.

Number #6:  Grey moral choices are the central mechanic.

The developer has said time and again. That they want to give you difficult choices. And force you to explore this dualism or this duality of the protagonist survival as a Vampyr. Ưhile also being a doctor. and they’re going to do this by contrasting the adherence to the Hippocratic .oath the doctor sais helping people making other people’s lives better. or by improving your own standing gaining more power for yourself.

In the game world levelling up gaining abilities that you didn’t previously have. But at the cost of betraying your Hippocratic oath betraying your human side. Betraying those around you. And this is something that’s going to come back time and time and time again as you play the game. They’re going to force you to make choices even in small moments passing moments. That you wouldn’t have actually thought anything was going on.

In the gameplay that they demonstrated this was actually shown off. Where the player was going through the world. and it didn’t even stand out it wasn’t even a particularly noticeable moment. But a man goes up to a merchant a shop owner and threatens him says that the merchant owes him money. And if he doesn’t pay him back soon he will be sorry.

There will be massive problems if he doesn’t blah blah blah… classic sort of gangster stuff or shark loan stuff. And as the guide turns away and starts walking away you go up to him. And you asked him hey what was that all about what is.

What’s up, and he mentions in a passing comment that he’s got to get home to his boy. So at that moment if you’re paying attention then you learn that this guy is a father. He’s got a young boy that relies on him in the midst of the Spanish flu. He relies on his father. So you look at that and then you can see that the father has the purest blood. So in other words he would help you upgrade the most.

He would be the most valuable to your progression or your strength building on the vampiric side. But the merchant doesn’t seem to have as much to lose. But you also have to think that while the father does have a young boy. That he’s taken care of and that relies on him.

The merchant owns the store. And if you save the merchant then the store will flourish and everything will improve and the money will come back to the town perhaps, and maybe the medicine will come in even easier and people will have their lives improved. And it’ll actually save more people in the long run.

These are all questions you have to ask yourself. All questions that wouldn’t initially pop right up. And so you’re going to have the ability to really roleplay this and decide do I want to serve my own selfish interests. And just improve my strength get the most abilities I can kill everyone involved. I just not even think about what I’m doing or you can actually go through and try to judge in a way these gray moral choices and moral decisions adequately.

Number #7: Vampyr Runs on the Unreal Engine 4.

That in August of 2016 don’t not entertainment actually came out made a statement. And said that they had just overcome a major development hurdle. Which was going to allow them to get the game fully ported on to the Xbox one. Without any downgrading or downscaling anything at all. It will be the same game that ships on the ps4 and PC. We is a big deal because just in terms of technical specs the Xbox one does struggle.

So it’s good to hear that the game is going to ship in the same form. That it ships on the ps4 and PC also on the Xbox one. So no need to feel discriminated against if you happen to have an exponent. Li scheduled for a late 2017 release. and I would personally expect a big gameplay demonstration at E3.

Probably at the soonest my guess would be that they’re going to wait for the huge. Huge turnout that they’re going to have at E3. And they’ll demonstrate even more they’ll bring it up again. And maybe then it will get the attention it deserves. But as right now you are lucky one you get to learn about this game early early on and hopefully. You’re as excited for it as I am.



Vampyr – Everything you need to know.

Today we’ll be going through everything you need to know about vampire. This is a upcoming action role-playing video game being published by a focus Home Interactive and to be developed by Darkness Entertainment –  who are also behind games such as life is strange and remember me. This game takes a really interesting theme and a purge especially after making life is strange. Vampyr definitely looks to be promising from what we’ve seen.

Vampyr story:

Vampire is set after the events of World War 1 in the early 20th century Britain. Following a story of adoctor Jonathan Reed – he is a man who returns home after the war who served as a high-ranking surgeon.

Unfortunately he later becomes a vampire after he’s bitten by a patient who is thought to have the Spanish flu. He is no recollection of how and what transformed him. Reid attempts to live a normal life but quickly learns he must kill for blood.

Which is exactly the officer of what he stands for a doctor.In the country is slowly falling from the lethal Spanish flu, violence diseases and fear constantly erupts in the streets of London. This is a done story reread must uncover the mystery behind his turning.

Vampyr gameplay:

Vampire is a role-playing video game that focuses both on the player’s choice and morality. The why in the name of the game represents the moral choices that the players will have to make when controlling read as a doctor refused the need to heal people however by being a vampire he must consume blood. Players will be able to traverse the streets of an early 20th century London, and interact with the multitude of characters with their own identities and opponents.

The structure of the game plays sit around missions given to you by the citizens read interacts with. Plays in the game will be constantly reminded for reads need for blood.

You will have the choice to choose who to spare or kill. He can establish relationships with characters he meets for his strategy to consume blood. And seduce them change their daily habits or make sure they end up alone in a dark street. Killing particular people will have consequences that will play into the environment that Reed inhabits.

You are given the option to kill anyone in London to save or destroy it. After recon seems fun, he can also unlock new abilities of his new vampire powers to use in battles. Gameplay will vary from melee combative range shooting mechanics and supernatural vampire power. There will be both human, vampire hunters and supernatural beings of enemies to face.

There will be four types of vampires that exist in the game which are:

  • Ekons – who are charming and the highest level of vampires.
  • Skals who are at the bottom of the hierarchy existing in the sewers and are very aggressive.
  • Vulkod – the strongest in terms of raw string and the crossbreed between vampires and werewolves.
  • And finally, we have Nemrods – who eliminate or hunt other vampires.

Additionally, we know that there’ll be a crafting system from Lutz to upgrade or mate tools melee and range weapons. The narrative director of the game described the story of vampire as gothic. It will be a tale of vampires with other element of vermin’s. The company don’t not settle with the Year 1918, they interest Pete by the circumstances created by the repercussions of the first world war. Social unrest and the effects of the pandemic.

The story of vampire

Centralizes on the tale of survival and morality. According to Don the art direction of the game was aiming forrealism. But with an impressionist and scope look odd director gregory suk stated that the painting of feel he’ll influence the art style also for the purpose of atmosphere. The development of vampire began with the team of sixty people most of which worked on life is strange on the Unreal Engine 4.

In January 2015 don’t not officially announced their collaboration with focus Home Interactive in the title for the next game vampire. Focus Home Entertainment released concept teaser showing the themes of the game. And that there was still in early stages of development with a 2017 release year. In February 2016 they began presenting the pre-alpha build of the game.

June 8 2017 teen focus Home Interactive released a three-minute E3 trailer for the game and announced in November 2017 release day.

Following its appearance at E3 2017, vampire received one of game Raiders best III awards and was nominated for the game beats unreal underdog award.

However after technical issues of the development, the game has been delayed from its original November 2017 release day to an early 2018 neck seal on Windows ps4 and Xbox one.


Vampyr story: The darkness

The title role-playing game horror Vampyr has not released yet, but has made fans of this genre very much looking forward.

Vampyr’s plot takes the player back in time to the United Kingdom at the end of World War I, where a Spanish pandemic is taking place, causing the majority of the population to become infected with the disease. The rest of them become violent and scared.

If they survived the epidemic, the residents would have to face a much greater danger that the vampires always hungry to eat them.

The player will play Jonathan E. Reid, a high-level surgical operative who transforms into a vampire, returning home from the front line.

The recently released photos have shown the harshness of Vampyr’s play style.

By being turned into a vampire, players will have to hunt for the people to satisfy their hunger.

However, as people are very individualistic and will have a great impact on the outcome of the game, players will find it difficult to decide whether to eat or not.
One point worth noting is that if you absorb enough blood, the new vampire powers of the character will be opened.

In addition, because the protagonist was a battlefield physician, the player can choose to heal for “potential prey”, using drug makers found in the game.
Vampyr has a combat system that focuses on melee combat and the vampire’s innate abilities.

After winning a match or killing a successful prey, Vampyr gamers must always remember to collect the trophies left on the “hot” corpses to increase the strength and manufacture of drugs, weapons gas, ammunition needed.

New Vampyr Gameplay

In the heart of E3 2017, the developer of Life is Strange Dontnod Entertainment and publisher Focus Home Interactive released a new video game that shows more than ten minutes of raw game scenes that highlight the narrative-driven action RPG, combat and elections difficult, accompanied by narration developer.

In Vampyr, you play as a vampire newly converted, Dr. Jonathan Reid, a doctor by profession who must find a cure for flu-ravaged city of London in 1918. As a vampire, vampire hunters will face, but other vampires , Skal and other monstrosities.

One of the central concepts of the game is the duality between being a hero and a vampire doctor with whom Reid has to fight. In the game, every decision, every citizen or not saved murdered affect London, how it looks, how it and its overall safety. From lost relatives to store closings, the act of killing is almost inevitable, but ultimately, who lives and who is not in your hands with every civil expendable or salvageable. Every citizen has its own name, history and everyday life in which they live, and how you interact with them will affect your game, leading you to one of four different endings.

Vampyr is ready to launch on Xbox One, PS4 and PC sometime in November. Next, you can see the new images of the game. Also, be sure to check out some of our previous articles that detail the protagonist of the game and that provide information about their kind of semi-open world, types of vampires, quests and adventures, and much more.

When is the Vampyr release date?

The plot tells how Jonathan Reid, a doctor who became a vampire, accepts his condition as undead while he is torn between the Hippocratic oath and his new bloodthirsty nature. The player does not have to kill to finish the game. The dialogue options can be used to hunt prey to feed, which restores strength and levels the main character. Supernatural weapons and abilities are used while fighting enemies. London serves as a semi-open fictionalized world composed of four districts, which can be destroyed based on the actions of the player.

While Vampyr was first announced in 2015, it was not expected to come out until the end of 2017. The game had been confirmed for a launch window in November, but just heard that you will lose that timeslot due to a problem technician that needs to be resolved

According to the developers, Vampyr will now be launched in the spring of 2018.

Vampyr system requirements

Vampyr is an upcoming action video game developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Focus Home Interactive for release in Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Q1 / Q2 2018.

The plot tells how Jonathan Reid, a doctor who became a vampire, accepts his condition as undead while he is torn between the Hippocratic oath and his new bloodthirsty nature. The player does not have to kill to finish the game. The dialogue options can be used to hunt prey to feed, which restores strength and levels the main character. Supernatural weapons and abilities are used while fighting enemies. London serves as a semi-open fictionalized world composed of four districts, which can be destroyed based on the actions of the player.

Vampyr system requirements Minimum 

  • OS: Windows 7 64-bit or higher
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 2.53 GHz or AMD Athlon II X3 460 3.4 GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB System Memory
  • GPU VRAM: 1 GB Video Memory
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 480 or AMD Radeon R7 265
  • DX: DirectX 11

Vampyr system requirements Recommended 

  • OS: Windows 7 64-bit or higher
  • CPU: Intel Core i7
  • RAM: 8 GB System Memory
  • GPU VRAM: 2 GB Video Memory
  • GPU: GeForce GTX 770. Radeon R9 290
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VAMPYR: You can feed on literally anyone in the game

VAMPYR was revealed in January 2015, and I continue to deepen this concept: Being a vampire has become a doctor immediately after World War I, the player must reconcile again their commitment to Hippocratic Oath with the desired blood out everything a pulse. It’s a tough row by any hoe to measure.

What makes the establishment particularly interesting, according to information published today, is that you can eat standard with anyone in the game, including those who provide duty – and the wilderness Their faces will be ignored. “Carefully study the habits of the next victim of your relationship with their other characters, and set your strategy to feed, not paying attention to: seduce them, change routine Their day, or make sure they will only be alone on the dark line, “Dontnod said. “Be careful with whom you choose to hunt, because they will be gone forever, and their deaths will impact a meaningful way to the world around you.”

Not to eat, or go the way of smoking rats, is not an option: human blood is also needed to open up new magical powers to use throughout the game. Damage and using supernatural powers in combat as well as your blood flow – a measure of both a health and “energy” of you – to increase dietary needs more.

The “concept teaser” is not a special information, and I wonder if the comparison before issuing inevitable Vampire brilliant: Masquerade-Bloodlines can finish high expectations unreasonable. However, the game before the Dontnod cause for optimism is protected at least: Remember Me did not achieve the ambition of the studio, but the first episode of Strange Life Is seems pretty good.