7 reasons why you should be excited about Vampyr.

Vampyr believe it or not is a game in which you play as a Vampyr in early 20th century London during the Spanish flu epidemic. And it’s a game that not many people even know about it was announced last year. Since then it’s had a few announcements here and there. But really hasn’t caught the grip or the attention of the media. And so not many people know about it or know much about it. So that’s why today I’m going to tell you about: “7 reasons why you should be excited about Vampyr.”

Number #1: It is being developed by don’t nod entertainment.

Which is based in France. Now this is the same company that developed life is strange which won the BAFTA award for best story in 2016 and is known for being one of the first games to really publicize the butterfly effect in other words every decision.

However small that you make affects your future decisions the future elements and events in the world. and so based on even a small conversational difference. You could see a vastly different ending compared to your friend who chose to say something more encouraging rather than passive aggressive in that one conversation.

So there’s a lot of hype behind this because this company tends to take the time to create branching narratives. And Vampyr is no different.

Number #2:  Pacifist playthroughs are possible in this semi open-world RPG.

Specifically that if you go and manage to go through the entire game without killing a single person mind you, you are a Vampyr. So that’s not going to be an easy activity. Because killing and actually absorbing the life force so to speak of other people of NPCsis how you level up.

It’s killing people is how you gain power as Vampyr. So in the game it’s how you gain EXP .and if you don’t kill anybody then you don’t gain any EXP. So you will never level up which is why it’s considered to be an incredibly difficult thing to do.

But the developer said we want to reward you if you are willing to roleplay. So strictly as a Vampyr doctor and stick just to the doctor element. And not kill anybody you will actually get a unique ending of one of four endings. That is completely unique and different if you manage to go through the game without killing anybody.

Number #3: There are four very distinct endings.

Now this isn’t talking about sort of the untilled on different endings where they say. Oh well there’s 256 different endings technically. But the only real difference is that in the ending cutscene. they say we have five survivors six survivors  hatever it’s not like that. These are four very distinct endings where the world has completely different outcomes. And it’s completely based on your decisions in the game.

Number #4: The game is set in London in 1918 during the Spanish flu outbreak.

Now this apparently was not their first choice. IT wasn’t their instinct they initially looked at putting the game in 1950. But realise that the sort of Victorian era during the Spanish flu really worked well with the whole Vampyr theme. With people being sick you could have quality of their blood change.

So certain people’s blood is worth more to you even though. They might be younger or they might have some prowess in society or they might be a doctor taking care of somebody else or a father taking care of their son. Whatever it is you have a lot more availability to create those gray moral choices with a setting such as the Spanish flu. Which is why I think it’s such an interesting and intriguing place to set a Vampyr game.

Number #5:  Vampyr’s map is made up of 4 distinct districts.

Each of which can devolve into utter chaos. If the average health decrease just past a certain threshold. Now this is not just due to the Spanish flu. Bbut you as a doctor have the ability to either help improve public morale public health. As a doctor or decrease it and ruin it as a Vampyr. And this is something that’s going to come back time and again. As you play through the game, this choice to either help people you’re sort of good guy like doctor side or to ruin it or serve your own self-interest game or power.

Whatever it is which is the Vampyr the dark side and so this duality is going to come back time and again. And it’s even reflected in the structuring of the map.

Number #6:  Grey moral choices are the central mechanic.

The developer has said time and again. That they want to give you difficult choices. And force you to explore this dualism or this duality of the protagonist survival as a Vampyr. Ưhile also being a doctor. and they’re going to do this by contrasting the adherence to the Hippocratic .oath the doctor sais helping people making other people’s lives better. or by improving your own standing gaining more power for yourself.

In the game world levelling up gaining abilities that you didn’t previously have. But at the cost of betraying your Hippocratic oath betraying your human side. Betraying those around you. And this is something that’s going to come back time and time and time again as you play the game. They’re going to force you to make choices even in small moments passing moments. That you wouldn’t have actually thought anything was going on.

In the gameplay that they demonstrated this was actually shown off. Where the player was going through the world. and it didn’t even stand out it wasn’t even a particularly noticeable moment. But a man goes up to a merchant a shop owner and threatens him says that the merchant owes him money. And if he doesn’t pay him back soon he will be sorry.

There will be massive problems if he doesn’t blah blah blah… classic sort of gangster stuff or shark loan stuff. And as the guide turns away and starts walking away you go up to him. And you asked him hey what was that all about what is.

What’s up, and he mentions in a passing comment that he’s got to get home to his boy. So at that moment if you’re paying attention then you learn that this guy is a father. He’s got a young boy that relies on him in the midst of the Spanish flu. He relies on his father. So you look at that and then you can see that the father has the purest blood. So in other words he would help you upgrade the most.

He would be the most valuable to your progression or your strength building on the vampiric side. But the merchant doesn’t seem to have as much to lose. But you also have to think that while the father does have a young boy. That he’s taken care of and that relies on him.

The merchant owns the store. And if you save the merchant then the store will flourish and everything will improve and the money will come back to the town perhaps, and maybe the medicine will come in even easier and people will have their lives improved. And it’ll actually save more people in the long run.

These are all questions you have to ask yourself. All questions that wouldn’t initially pop right up. And so you’re going to have the ability to really roleplay this and decide do I want to serve my own selfish interests. And just improve my strength get the most abilities I can kill everyone involved. I just not even think about what I’m doing or you can actually go through and try to judge in a way these gray moral choices and moral decisions adequately.

Number #7: Vampyr Runs on the Unreal Engine 4.

That in August of 2016 don’t not entertainment actually came out made a statement. And said that they had just overcome a major development hurdle. Which was going to allow them to get the game fully ported on to the Xbox one. Without any downgrading or downscaling anything at all. It will be the same game that ships on the ps4 and PC. We is a big deal because just in terms of technical specs the Xbox one does struggle.

So it’s good to hear that the game is going to ship in the same form. That it ships on the ps4 and PC also on the Xbox one. So no need to feel discriminated against if you happen to have an exponent. Li scheduled for a late 2017 release. and I would personally expect a big gameplay demonstration at E3.

Probably at the soonest my guess would be that they’re going to wait for the huge. Huge turnout that they’re going to have at E3. And they’ll demonstrate even more they’ll bring it up again. And maybe then it will get the attention it deserves. But as right now you are lucky one you get to learn about this game early early on and hopefully. You’re as excited for it as I am.



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