Vampyr – Everything you need to know.

Today we’ll be going through everything you need to know about vampire. This is a upcoming action role-playing video game being published by a focus Home Interactive and to be developed by Darkness Entertainment –  who are also behind games such as life is strange and remember me. This game takes a really interesting theme and a purge especially after making life is strange. Vampyr definitely looks to be promising from what we’ve seen.

Vampyr story:

Vampire is set after the events of World War 1 in the early 20th century Britain. Following a story of adoctor Jonathan Reed – he is a man who returns home after the war who served as a high-ranking surgeon.

Unfortunately he later becomes a vampire after he’s bitten by a patient who is thought to have the Spanish flu. He is no recollection of how and what transformed him. Reid attempts to live a normal life but quickly learns he must kill for blood.

Which is exactly the officer of what he stands for a doctor.In the country is slowly falling from the lethal Spanish flu, violence diseases and fear constantly erupts in the streets of London. This is a done story reread must uncover the mystery behind his turning.

Vampyr gameplay:

Vampire is a role-playing video game that focuses both on the player’s choice and morality. The why in the name of the game represents the moral choices that the players will have to make when controlling read as a doctor refused the need to heal people however by being a vampire he must consume blood. Players will be able to traverse the streets of an early 20th century London, and interact with the multitude of characters with their own identities and opponents.

The structure of the game plays sit around missions given to you by the citizens read interacts with. Plays in the game will be constantly reminded for reads need for blood.

You will have the choice to choose who to spare or kill. He can establish relationships with characters he meets for his strategy to consume blood. And seduce them change their daily habits or make sure they end up alone in a dark street. Killing particular people will have consequences that will play into the environment that Reed inhabits.

You are given the option to kill anyone in London to save or destroy it. After recon seems fun, he can also unlock new abilities of his new vampire powers to use in battles. Gameplay will vary from melee combative range shooting mechanics and supernatural vampire power. There will be both human, vampire hunters and supernatural beings of enemies to face.

There will be four types of vampires that exist in the game which are:

  • Ekons – who are charming and the highest level of vampires.
  • Skals who are at the bottom of the hierarchy existing in the sewers and are very aggressive.
  • Vulkod – the strongest in terms of raw string and the crossbreed between vampires and werewolves.
  • And finally, we have Nemrods – who eliminate or hunt other vampires.

Additionally, we know that there’ll be a crafting system from Lutz to upgrade or mate tools melee and range weapons. The narrative director of the game described the story of vampire as gothic. It will be a tale of vampires with other element of vermin’s. The company don’t not settle with the Year 1918, they interest Pete by the circumstances created by the repercussions of the first world war. Social unrest and the effects of the pandemic.

The story of vampire

Centralizes on the tale of survival and morality. According to Don the art direction of the game was aiming forrealism. But with an impressionist and scope look odd director gregory suk stated that the painting of feel he’ll influence the art style also for the purpose of atmosphere. The development of vampire began with the team of sixty people most of which worked on life is strange on the Unreal Engine 4.

In January 2015 don’t not officially announced their collaboration with focus Home Interactive in the title for the next game vampire. Focus Home Entertainment released concept teaser showing the themes of the game. And that there was still in early stages of development with a 2017 release year. In February 2016 they began presenting the pre-alpha build of the game.

June 8 2017 teen focus Home Interactive released a three-minute E3 trailer for the game and announced in November 2017 release day.

Following its appearance at E3 2017, vampire received one of game Raiders best III awards and was nominated for the game beats unreal underdog award.

However after technical issues of the development, the game has been delayed from its original November 2017 release day to an early 2018 neck seal on Windows ps4 and Xbox one.


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