When is the Vampyr release date?

The plot tells how Jonathan Reid, a doctor who became a vampire, accepts his condition as undead while he is torn between the Hippocratic oath and his new bloodthirsty nature. The player does not have to kill to finish the game. The dialogue options can be used to hunt prey to feed, which restores strength and levels the main character. Supernatural weapons and abilities are used while fighting enemies. London serves as a semi-open fictionalized world composed of four districts, which can be destroyed based on the actions of the player.

While Vampyr was first announced in 2015, it was not expected to come out until the end of 2017. The game had been confirmed for a launch window in November, but just heard that you will lose that timeslot due to a problem technician that needs to be resolved

According to the developers, Vampyr will now be launched in the spring of 2018.

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