Vampyr story: The darkness

The title role-playing game horror Vampyr has not released yet, but has made fans of this genre very much looking forward.

Vampyr’s plot takes the player back in time to the United Kingdom at the end of World War I, where a Spanish pandemic is taking place, causing the majority of the population to become infected with the disease. The rest of them become violent and scared.

If they survived the epidemic, the residents would have to face a much greater danger that the vampires always hungry to eat them.

The player will play Jonathan E. Reid, a high-level surgical operative who transforms into a vampire, returning home from the front line.

The recently released photos have shown the harshness of Vampyr’s play style.

By being turned into a vampire, players will have to hunt for the people to satisfy their hunger.

However, as people are very individualistic and will have a great impact on the outcome of the game, players will find it difficult to decide whether to eat or not.
One point worth noting is that if you absorb enough blood, the new vampire powers of the character will be opened.

In addition, because the protagonist was a battlefield physician, the player can choose to heal for “potential prey”, using drug makers found in the game.
Vampyr has a combat system that focuses on melee combat and the vampire’s innate abilities.

After winning a match or killing a successful prey, Vampyr gamers must always remember to collect the trophies left on the “hot” corpses to increase the strength and manufacture of drugs, weapons gas, ammunition needed.

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