VAMPYR: You can feed on literally anyone in the game

VAMPYR was revealed in January 2015, and I continue to deepen this concept: Being a vampire has become a doctor immediately after World War I, the player must reconcile again their commitment to Hippocratic Oath with the desired blood out everything a pulse. It’s a tough row by any hoe to measure.

What makes the establishment particularly interesting, according to information published today, is that you can eat standard with anyone in the game, including those who provide duty – and the wilderness Their faces will be ignored. “Carefully study the habits of the next victim of your relationship with their other characters, and set your strategy to feed, not paying attention to: seduce them, change routine Their day, or make sure they will only be alone on the dark line, “Dontnod said. “Be careful with whom you choose to hunt, because they will be gone forever, and their deaths will impact a meaningful way to the world around you.”

Not to eat, or go the way of smoking rats, is not an option: human blood is also needed to open up new magical powers to use throughout the game. Damage and using supernatural powers in combat as well as your blood flow – a measure of both a health and “energy” of you – to increase dietary needs more.

The “concept teaser” is not a special information, and I wonder if the comparison before issuing inevitable Vampire brilliant: Masquerade-Bloodlines can finish high expectations unreasonable. However, the game before the Dontnod cause for optimism is protected at least: Remember Me did not achieve the ambition of the studio, but the first episode of Strange Life Is seems pretty good.

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