What is Vampyr?

Today we’re gonna be covering vampyr. So what is vampyr?

Vampyr is a third-person action RPG where you play the character of dr. Jonathan Reed. The game takes place in London 1918 during the peak of a citywide flu. As a doctor, it is your job to find a cure for the citizens of the city. But as a vampire, you must feed on those – who swore an oath to protect. You must fight to survive against vampire hunters, the undead and other mobs in the game.

You’ll have unholy powers that allow you to manipulate and delve into those around you. This game reminds me of the award-winning game dishonored. And I hope that they can live up to that standard. The city and characters react to the decisions you make whether it be Savior or stalker the story.

What we know so far seems very rich with lots of minut details. Dr. Reed struggles to survive while struggling with an internal conflict of feeding or saving. The game touches on themes of life and death which just on the scenes I’ve seen so far makes the story seem very deep. Covering the deep meaning to life the world and how we live in it.

Now let’s talk about the gameplay.

Dr. Reed is a shadowy creature much like the assassins and Dishonored. You’ll be able to – teleport short distances to sneak up on enemies control their minds and even brutally kill them. There are many ways to kill in the game including blades, guns and even your vampire powers. One of the abilities you get in the game allows you to transform your hand into a massive claw and rip enemies to shreds.

Another makes a shadowy circle around your target then stretches them out by their limbs. Before finally plunging a shadowy spike through their chest. The game is brutal which is exactly what I would expect from a vampire game. There is a loot and inventory system which is hard to tell how detailed it is at this point. But it looks like we get a basic map with a list of people in the area as well as the district conditions with the flu.

A target screen and some sort of journal that I’d imagine your collectibles are kept in on top of that we get an armor screen. That appears to let us change our clothes as well as our weapons and inventory and lastly a character screen. I’m actually look really looking forward to delving into this game.

And as of right now there is no confirmed release date but they are planning on launching the game sometime in spring of 2018. Anyway guys that is my coverage of vampire. Let me know what you think of the game so far and I would love to bring more content on this game .  Hope you enjoyed and I will see you in the next one you guys.

Have a great day.

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